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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

These past few weeks :D

Hey everyone!Well a lot has been going on since my last post. Ok well the reason I have not been posting any blogs is because my laptop got a virus while I was away apparently my cousin was playing some games and I guess that gave my laptop a virus but lets just say I take my laptop everywhere & I mean EVERYWHERE! So now its fixed!Well I know it's a little too late to talk about Valentines Day but mine was sooo amazing....I woke up at 7:30 to my amazing bf standing next to my bed with the biggest heart balloon, bouquet of roses, homemade t-shirts, and a 4 page letter!!! I was surprised!!!! I felt bad because I just made cupcakes and game him such a looooooong letter with the cutest valentines day card. We couldn't spend the whole valentines day because he had to go to work (POOOO) :( but I was happy that we spend a few hrs together which was all that mattered to me :) Another thing that happened was pretty much the highlight of the few week was that my bf & I got an APARTMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are sooooooo happy because we been living with my parents for a few months and it was time for us to finally have our own place to call home :) We move start packing on Wednesday and we officially move in on Saturday!!! We are sooo happy because we been eyeing those apartments for such a long time & we finally got them.The next thing that has happen was that a few days ago I was with my bf & I. I really don't know why I was even barefoot but nobody told me that there was glass on the floor soo I ended up stepping on glass & I literally HATE WITH A PASSION seeing my OWN blood! I start to feel sooo dizzy & freaking out like a crazy person! But luckily the glass didn't go far enough to get stuck on my foot so that was peach keen, it still hurts like if I just got it. But my foot is saved :) I really want to take pictures of the valentines day presents that my bf gave me, the apartment and all that has been going on lately but I PROMISE I will post pictures up soon!Well that pretty much all for now soo bye bye blogspot


  1. aw you're bf sounds so sweet! sorry about your foot

  2. I agree, we all love being girlie! :D
    I wanna see the present! hehe. please do a blogpost soon.

    thanks for sharing!
    Oh BTW, new follower here. :)